Classic CAUSA 214 Darius

As many of you are aware, I’m quite addicted to “Hot Chocolate!” So, when Darius emailed me his pix and said that he wanted to shoot a video with me, I was all over that like white on… er… you get the idea. Needless to say, this was one of a very few moments where I was in the middle of the video shoot and had a strong desire to turn off the cameras and just get down and dirty with the guy on the table. ??
As with Amiri, I, once again, found myself in a situation where I wasn’t aware of a potential model’s previous video appearances for another site until he sat down and began filling out the model app. And once again, I discovered the opportunity to not only present another hot African American on CAUSA, but to also be able to show a guy going further on video than he had before.
I knew that I would be “chasing the chocolate cock,” as Darius so eloquently stated it during our shoot, and I also decided that not only would my tongue be up his bum, so would my fingers. That was definitely not something that Darius had done before…



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