You Checkin' Me Out?

Brent Stenson saw Elliot Tyler (aka Elliot Cross) checking him out at the party. Brent's one of those "straight guys" (finger quotes) that can't resist a cute young guy or his "goods." Alone, the two get busy checking out each others "hard" ware before stripping down and moving to the bed. They suck each other and 69 before Brent spreads Elliot's legs and slides in to give Elliot a prostate check. After switching up positions a couple of times, the boys lay back on the bed side by side and tug one out. Brent is first to blow and rolls over to unload all over Elliot. Being a good buddy, Brent cleans up his mess with his finger and feeds it to Elliot. Then Elliot unloads and splatters the wall behind his head leaving a trail of warm jizz from his head to groin.



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