Inside the Law

Up against the wall, Riku's cop uniform is not one usually worn on the streets, but it works for this scene. Fuji is "into" hot cops and Riku's about to "learn that lesson." Hard and horny, Fuji's big cock is soon Amateur Fucking the policeman's mouth; Fuji then pulls out his partner's dick for a lick. After some "search and seizure," Fuji says, "I'm going to fuck you now." Pumping from behind, Fuji's hard tight body slams into Riku's wanting hole; guess this cop likes being "ass-aulted." The camera gets some great shots from behind the boys as the "in-terrogation" continues. Riku's panting has Fuji on the edge; he pulls out and "pools" on the backside of "the law." Fuji then jerks his man until a sizeable "splattering" hits the floor.



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