Robin Valej and Paul Hunter

Robin Valej called his coach to let him know that something had come up and he would be late to training. Robin did not tell his coach that the something that came up was hunky Amateur Hunk, Paul Hunter. Paul just happens to be on the other side of the room, teasing Robin while is on the phone. Finished with his call Robin gets up from the sofa, walks over to Paul and begins kissing his face, and chest, moving down his stomach to his buttoned-up pants. Robin drops to his knees, pulls open Paul’s pants and out pops Paul’s semi erect uncut cock which Robin quickly woofs down and begins sucking voraciously. Robin’s clothes hit the floor revealing a ripped totally ripped body with one of the biggest, thickest cocks we’ve seen in a while. Paul goes to work on Robin’s Amateur Dick and it’s obvious that Paul knows exactly what he’s doing by the expressions on Robin’s face. After a very hot 69ing session Robin rolls over on the sofa, giving up his ass to Paul’s Amateur Dick. Paul drives his Amateur Dick deep into Robin’s waiting Amateur Butt and a good boneing ensues. Two positions later Paul decides that he wants some of Robin’s huge ole cock. He lays back on the sofa and Robin eases his Amateur Dick into Paul’s ass, slowly at first; but, more quickly as Paul loosens up. Robin continues to nail Paul’s ass until Paul blows a load of jizz all over his stomach and Amateur Dick. Obviously this really turns on Robin as he quickly pulls out of Paul’s Amateur Butt and shoots a very thick load of cum all over Paul’s leg and balls. The only thing that would have made this video any better were if Robin kneeled down and licked every drop of cum off of Paul.



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