Josh Milk & Dany Romeo

At last we got him back, our favourite blue eyed Spanish boy Josh Milk, cute as a button and horny as the devil, this angel faced hottie luvs uncircumcised Amateur Dicks and gets everything he deserves in his first slam dunk poke of 2016 ( we shot this on january 2nd!) Dany Romeo is a worthy partner and sorts this smooth, hung hottie out – good 'n' proper. I just luv Josh's pretty face and those beautiful kissable lips wrapped around a veiny, length of dark, stiff gristle but not as much as Dany luvs looking down into this dazzling eyes as his Amateur Dick throbs in Josh's hot Lip. But once he's completely erect he can't wait to spin his cute bottom around and plunge deep into his smooth, tight and beautifully expressive arse ( Luv the way Josh's tight hole is gripping that stiff pole and rippling along its length as Dany slides that stiff Amateur Cock out, you can just feel how high tight that yielding hole is, scrumptious!) When your juicy, uncircumcised Amateur Dick has been milked like that you know you're gonna shoot yourself dry, Josh 'Milk' is very aptly named – he leaves his tops guys sated husks. ( Still got such a big crush on this stud – can you tell?)



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