Rob Maxwell and Tommy Rodriguez

We find one of our returning Badpuppy studs, Tommy Rodriguez, has brought one of his friends; Rob Maxwell, because they have both wanted to do a video together. Passionately kissing and feeling each other up our two young Amateur Hunks slowly strip each other out of their clothes. Tommy goes right for Rob’s thick cock and begins working it like a pro; rolling over giving Rob complete access to his engorged Amateur Cock. After drilling Tommy’s face with his cock, Rob wants some of Tommy’s thick manhood in his Lip. Tommy rolls over and gets up on his knees so that Rob can get in some deep tongue action with Tommy’s hot Amateur Butt hole; both getting primed for some hotter action. Placing a pillow on the floor our two studs figure out a way for Rob to get his ass drilled while hanging halfway off the bed and onto the floor. If there is any discomfort in the position it’s lost in the moaning and enjoyment Rob is getting from Tommy’s cock sliding deeply in and out of his asshole. Both boys pull up on to the bed and Rob slides in behind Tommy pushing his cock deep into Tommy’s hot Amateur Butt. Rob pounds Tommy’s ass until Tommy shoots a thick juicy load all over his six-pack and hand. This completely sets Rob off and he pulls his Amateur Dick out of Tommy’s ass and dumps a thick load of cum all over Tommy’s balls and Amateur Dick.



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