Cory and Ollie – TRAILER- SC

“Ollie & Cory: Amateur Bareback”

When it came time to shoot this scene, Ollie in all seriousness was running late. He got stuck in traffic so we figured we would just start with Cory.
“Its like my solo all over again!” Cory joked

When Ollie finally got to the studio he was wearing his “real-job” clothes and wasted no time diving right in.
He slobbered all over Cory’s dick before coming up for air for a bit.

“You wasted no time at all!”
Ollie smiled. “Why would I? Look at this guy…he’s handsome as hammer!”
“Shucks. Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself.” You could see a twinkle in Cory’s eyes. He was for sure ready to screw.



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