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Macanao Torres and Miguel Kiades, two young Spanish bulls enjoying hardcore sex between machos: sneakers, bondage, spit, anal hook, tweezers… hot action and domination between two males brimming with testosterone. Go clubbing, have a drink, and wake up bound, gagged and in hands of a stallion like Sergio Serrano may be the dream of many, and the nightmare of many others. Yera Cruz gets involved in this situation, a skinhead that ends up being used by Sergio unceremoniously. Macanao and Sergio are a couple of young machos sharing a flat, but they are a Amateur Fucking mess, so they have decided to get a dog slave to do their duties. During his first day he will be subjected to the worst humiliations and worship by these two Spanish studs. Hitchhiker Martin jumps into a truck hoping to be taken to Madrid, but an arrogant trucker has other plans for him. He’ll have to suck a lot of cock and become a good amateur sex toy if he wants to be home tonight.



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