Best Buddies – Falcon Studios

Best Buddies do it better and hotter, especially when the sexual excitement has been building for years. In college, Ryan Rose and Billy Santoro were Best Buddies, but they never hooked up. Now Billy owns a huge house and rents rooms. When his buddy, Ryan, moves in, the sexual tension builds. Billy and Ryan both have hidden feelings for each other, but when they bring home other guys their unrequited desires surface. While they negotiate these desires, director Tony DiMarco keeps you aroused with sexy bodies on display in energized action. Brandon Jones uses his mouth and Amateur Butt to give Ryan Rose's Amateur Dick an awesome workout in athletic positions. Logan Vaughn's bubble Amateur Ass is a magnet for Billy Santoro's fingers, tongue and dick. Fellow roomer Bobby Clark relieves his hard on by ordering groceries from his favorite delivery boy, Nick Sterling, whose meat selection includes his nice meaty ass. Ryan and Billy finally vent their passion. Physical opposites – lean and smooth versus beefy and furry – they attract like crazy. After waiting so long, they are unbelievably ready. They feed off each other's bro-passion as well as off their Amateur Dicks, pecs, Lips and Amateur Butts in a flip-drill for the ages. Tony Dimarco knows and shows that the ultimate Best Buddies make for the hottest nail buddies.



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