LJ's Nut

Funny, Eddie says, "Trannies from Outer Space," and Sean looks right at the TV; not judging, just pointing that out. L J mentions food but there'll be no dinner for Sean, unless you count the seven inch "sausage." As Sean gets his "suck on," L J figures it's an easy day, "500 just to nut," and giving Sean a hand seems only fair. With L J lying down, Sean goes "full on" with the nuts, driving L J right to the edge. Arching his back, L J enjoys the "video, deeply" and gets closer. I angle the camera around to see L J's perspective on how well Sean is doing; his body twitches eagerly and his cock is rock hard. Sean keeps edging the boy until L J gives a, "right there; Sean goes in with both hands. Aggressively stroking, Sean puts his moth on L J one more time, then tugs until L J unloads. Don't worry Sean, "it's not corrosive," just sticky.



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