Alan Carly & Charli Lomoz

Waking from their nap, our two muscle studs, Alan and Charli, are energized for a little playtime. Affectionately kissing each other, Charli pulls back the sheet covering Alan’s hot Amateur Butt. As the sheet retreats, Alan retreats to enjoy some of Charli’s Amateur Dick. Ready for a little more, Charli pulls his legs back grabbing the bedframe with his toes, exposing his hot Amateur Butt-hole so that Alan can begin his morning feeding. Of course Alan intends to get Charli’s ass primed for something else. Charli has not had anything yet, so Alan stands up on the bed allowing Charli up on all four where Alan services Charli’s face with his thick, uncut Amateur Dick. After some intense face banging our two hot studs settle down on the bed with Charli straddling Alan and an intense 69 session begins. Alan stands up, clinging to the bedframe inviting Charli to stick his cock in his plump, waiting ass. After what seem like an eternity of Amateur Butt nailing, Alan lies down with his legs back giving Charli another chance to service his waiting hole. Charli bangs away, bringing Alan to a thick eruption which lands on his stomach and the bed. This excites the hell out of Charli and he shoots his love juice inside Alan; but, Alan does not disappoint. You’ll have to watch the video to see the result of Charli’s orgasm. Wow… Electric, passionate, raw, & kinky… Alan Carly & Charli Lomoz do each other & us right! Enjoy!



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