Kevin Klein & Roy McTurk

We find Kevin and Roy kissing in bed when our producer walks in catching them in the act. After a brief conversation our two hot young guys strip each other’s clothes off as they kiss each other’s faces and chests. Kevin decides enough with the kissing he wants to chow down on Roy’s Amateur Dick which is standing at attention. Of course, not to be outdone, Roy has Kevin lay back on the bed where he begins tongue bathing Kevin’s hot uncut Amateur Dick while Kevin stares longingly at Roy’s plump ass. So, what does Kevin do, he turns Roy over and sticks his tongue up Roy’s man-hole causing him to moan with pleasure. These guys just don’t like to be outdone so Roy gets Kevin to lay down so that he can enjoy Roy’s tongue and fingers up his own hot ass. After a few minutes of priming Roy slides his cock into Kevin where he bones him on his side before flinging Kevin’s legs back so that Roy can straddle Kevin again and begin drilling harder and harder. This does nothing but work Kevin even more. He pushes Roy back on the bed, straddles his Amateur Dick, slides down and Roy begins another ass screwing on Kevin. Roy pulls out just in time to squirt his love juice all over Kevin’s exposed Amateur Butt. After a moment of kissing Roy sits back on the bed pulling Kevin to him where he reaches around Kevin, grabs his Amateur Dick and jerks him off to an explosive orgasm.



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