Make A Meal Out Of Me

Glory Holes are the perfect place to "meat" and greet; just shove it through and anyone will do. Today's buddies are Hunter Nash, on the left and Ethan Cooper on the right. In this scene, each guy takes his turn while the camera zooms in on all that's "going down." Watching Hunter's sloppy job, Ethan pushes the man's head down onto his thick Amateur Dick. And when it "cums" to Hunter's dick, Ethan can't seem to get enough of that "turtleneck." Standing, the two lock lips and take "things" into their own hands before "the job" puts Ethan back on his knees. Hunter then follows with the lazy way; he has Ethan serve up his cock right into Hunter's "oral-fice." Damn, with Ethan pumping and his balls jumping, I'd say Hunter's getting a "full meal" out of this match up. With an, "I'm gonna cum soon," Ethan sits back and sprays Hunter's face and back. Hunter then gives Ethan something to smile about as he creams and cleans.



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