Blue Collar Ballers: Nick Prescott & Eddy CeeTee

Taking a break in the warehouse, Nick Prescott and Eddy Ceetee brush their beards together as they kiss—their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Nick licks Eddy’s stomach, teasing the stud’s Amateur Dick out of his jockstrap. He sucks him before they switch, Eddy gulping up Nick’s big boner. Nick grips Eddy’s head and face screws him, whipping his Amateur Cock on the sucker’s mouth as spit falls to the floor. Amateur Muscles clench all over Nick’s chiseled body, a long shot capturing it in all its glory. He spits in Eddy’s mouth, soon sucking his huge cock again. Nick deep throats him, the sucker’s steel shaft throbbing. He forcefully spits on Eddy’s rod repeatedly, then offers his Amateur Butt. Eddy gets the hairy hole wet, Nick’s dick then bouncing as he gets rammed from behind—his Amateur Muscles tight as he grips a barrel for support. Nick gets pinned to the floor, Eddy Amateur Fucking him hands free in a hot sequence before turning the bottom over—Nick’s hairy groin soon soaked.



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