Bound for Cumsumption

Today's Dominant, Cassidy Hayes, has got a question for his twink, "ready to get hit?" Spanking Sebastian Hart, we also get a peek at the Amateur Twink's bubbled cheeks, pre-reddened. Teasing the boy with some leather, the amateur twink just keeps asking for more; what a great submissive. Tasting the perspiration of "obedience," the Dom uses his tongue to further wet Sebastian. "Switching" to a flogger, the individual threads bite and stimulate nicely. "You're cute when you're struggling," comments Cassidy; his twink just keeps on whimpering, and growing. This video is a real lesson in the way some guys like to "beat their meat." Spinning his Amateur Butt around, the Corporalist reties Sebastian before getting a full-sized paddle to entice. Getting "it" nice and red, the sub asks to be "heated up." The Dom then replies, "I've got something for you," as Cassidy drips some hot candle wax down, way down the young man's body. After rubbing off some of the wax, the Dom takes a lick of his young man's shaft before sending the boy, "down there." Watching the sub try to swallow half of that big Amateur Dick in his mouth is a challenge; Cassidy definitely has the "goods" to back up his big balls. Treating the young man, the Master jerks and blows right into an open Lip. Allowing Sebastian some "relief" as well, the Dom sucks in and snowballs the "double-load."



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