Backroom Buddies 2: A Trio Of Blonde Amateur twinks

Starting this video off right, Zack Perry lets Branden Forrest feast on his "tree trunk." After getting "more growth," Neal Daly comes in to add his own abilities to the play; he also takes a few inches orally, of Branden. Knowing that Neal is able to "take in" a few more inches, the young yen continue to service one another. "You ready?" Branden asks. Sliding into the "Daily" bottom, Zack wants the top to, "give it to him harder." As the camera zooms in, we get a look at "hair meeting hole." With Branden pulling out, Zack takes over topping; this thick fucker wastes no time hammering and thrusting his twink Branden, who seems "thirsty" after topping. "Filling-him-in," Branden is now happy to "give and receive." Enjoying the view, Zack then asks Neal, "you ready?" Neal "kneels" at the opportunity. With a nice spit roast, all three are having some "fuckin;" fun. Getting sweaty from the work, two of the amateur twinks lean over Zack and blow their loads on his face and chest. Scooping up some of the jizz, Zack feverishly jerks until he too blows; the other amateur twinks clean him up nicely.



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