Young pizza boy – Pyotr Tomek & Xavi Duran

Let’s be honest here, if young Pyotr Tomek came delivering pizza to the door of your hotel room wouldn’t you be tempted to make some kind of pass at the fellow? Especially if – as is the case here – he was wearing a baseball cap with a distinctly provocative maxim daubed all over it. Certainly Xavi Duran doesn’t seem to have any reticence in taking full advantage of the situation, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise given his unmistakably cocksure approach.

Indeed, he brushes aside Tomek’s initial rebuttal, and has the cute Amateur Twink down on the bed in no time at all – by which point the horny little pup is already putty in the Amateur Hunk’s hands! Why, the boy doesn’t stand a chance as Duran strips him of his jeans and promptly engages in a head-on encounter with Tomek’s Amateur Cock; before pushing the lad’s ass into the air and rimming his hot little screw-hole like you won’t believe. Needless to say it’s all more than enough to get Tomek into the mood for action, and what doubts he may have initially had about being this stud’s latest notch on the bedpost are promptly forgotten as he first gives head and then finally allows Duran to finger and pound his Amateur Butt!

What follows is a superb masterclass in man-on-boy action, with Tomek pounded for all he’s worth doggy-style; before the lad positions himself over Duran’s handsome screw-pole and quite literally lands himself down on every inch that the Amateur Dude has to offer. Little wonder that the boy is soon squirting for all he’s worth; but it’s arguably the sight of Tomek’s winsome little face getting jizzed that’ll prove the highlight!



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