Axel Ryder & Manuel

The abandoned buildings which offer the opportunity to go unobserved for horny Amateur Dick pigs are one of the landmarks of Berlin. Axel Ryder is what you call a Amateur Muscle bitch. A perfect body, bald head and eyes which are always looking for the next pound.
He loves to look for new meat in leather outfit through these old walls. He finds that in Manuel, a hot-blooded Spaniard who comes straight from the mountain Grove and gets into his clutches.
After initial nipple play and smooching around bodybuilder Manuel is quick to get into his trousers. As he unpacks the plump juicy cock he resists the urge to marvel and screws the Amateur Dick expertly into his mouth.
Axel kneels before Manuel’s box willing to lick him and Manuel begs to be reamed.
Axel takes over the job with the hard arrogance of a macho pig, until Manuel’s hot juice spurts.



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