Backroom Three To Please Finale

In the back, Rene Lakes, on the left and Tavan Lewis, wearing glasses, start something they both want to finish, one another. Locking lips and fondling, they couldn't wait for Devin West. Now a trio, these guys just want a warm mouth and a place to cum. Sucking on each other, all these guys get a taste of one another. While Rene removes some pants, Tavan gags, lucky amateur twink. Rene follows suit, and then agrees, "it's a mighty fine one." Face stuffing seems to be the foreplay and spit, the lube "du jour." As for the pillow talk, Devin adds, "it's a good dick, massive" swallowing Tavan. Repositioning back on the couch, all the twinks have a "job" to do. Eager to serve both guys, Rene goes on his knees to orally please. Both Devin and Tavan wonder what else Rene is willing to do to service.



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