Amateur sex At Your Service #1

Visiting Keita, a client, Kinjiro is a very "service oriented" boy. Taking the lead, Kinjiro kisses and arouses his partner; by the time the clothes come off, Keita is up and ready. Kinjiro does some nice slurping, just to make sure he has Keita's "full attention." These two boys perform best "under contract." Naked and being sucked hard, Kinjiro is also "measuring up" to all the desires of his client. As Keita lies there and "takes it," it's actually Keita who will be topping; when you pay, you get to say. Ready, Kinjiro lies down and his hairy hole is fully explored and gauged; Keita pumps in and out to make sure his boy is good to go. Taking "three for the team," this bottom is impressive. Once Keita is done "spelunking" with his fingers, he slides in. There is only one thing left to do, "cum" back next week and watch what Keita gets for his money; you'll be "blown" away.



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