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Checking out the deals in the store, Devin West, in the white, and Aarron Burner, in the blue, seem to be looking for something a bit more "tactual" than a video. Down to business, in this business, the two jerk on each other and when Devin says he wants to be boneed; Aarron isn't going to miss a good deal like that. Trading blowjobs on the floor serves as foreplay in this video. Gagging on Aarron's Amateur Dick gives Devin an idea of just how massive this boy is. "I want you to poke me," says Devin as the two head to the back. Seems that Devin's "been here before," as Aarron slides in easily and bones away. Going full force, the top blows his load all up in Devin's hole. Not done yet, the two just keep Amateur Fucking, until the manager steps to the back, to take his turn. Dick Johnson strips and goes in as the #2 in this fuckfest. Having Devin "the hard way," has the bottom moaning and stroking. Hitting just the right spot, Devin blows, his only comment, "keep fuckin' me." Aarron then does another load all over Dick's Amateur Cock; adding his sloppy seconds to the mix. Already wet and messy, Amateur Cock shoots his jizz and adds to the, "cum in my ass" Devin's been waiting for. Having the last word, Devin comments, "that was nice."



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