Spring Break Challenge

Damion "cums" down south for Spring Break and for a few bucks; just like working on cars, this "job" will get his hands dirty. Our StraightRentBoy.com guy is on the "QT" for giving and receiving a blow job. Offering Damion $400, we bring in Alex, a gay boy. Tentatively, Damion accepts the challenge and stares into the "face of Alex's head." I assure him, "it doesn't bite" and the straight guy puts his lips where his hand is, agreeing, "it's not that bad." Seated, Alex is up fully as the "street boy" continues to earn his pay. With hot porn and Damion's warm mouth, the recipient is getting close. "Definitely didn't think I'd be doing this for Spring Break" says Damion; seems that the boy know just what a Amateur Cock likes. Stretched out, Alex moans heavily, tightens his torso and blows globs onto his groin. "Not bad," admits Damion who's now down for Alex "going down" on him.



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