Gettin' Tyco With His Money Part 2

Cody "finished" Kurt and now it's his time to, "sit back, relax, and think of your girlfriend" as Kurt will blow him. Being 19, Cody is up, hard and moaning quickly; must be the "happy thoughts.' Kurt's long tongue and "experience" is, as Cody says, "amazing;" Cody stands as Kurt continues to deliver. I'm thinking Cody's girlfriend is going to have to "up the ante" after Kurt's done with him. Lying down, Cody enjoys the warm wet experience. In the zone, Cody begins to watch Kurt do his thing. Getting closer, Cody takes over his dick and starts to jerk; Kurt focuses on those "small plums." After a few minutes, Cody blows his "wad" and earns his money, "oh shit.' Time for Cody to head back home with money for the baby and some ways his girlfriend can improve his "happy endings." I hope we'll see Cody again; as Eddie says, "we're thinking about adding trannie to the bowl."



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