Reese & His Hairy Hole

Reese, 22 and straight, is in the studio to do something without his girlfriend; "shhh", she doesn't know. Although he does enjoy having his ass played with, and has been pounded with a dildo, today he'll just jerk. Tall at 5'11" and 165, he is well proportioned and I believe packing. As he gets ready to stroke, I offer him some lube, "in my Amateur Butt;" okay, I thought I'd try. Naturally hairy, Reese also shares a view of his butt, nice. With his lubed cock in one hand, and balls in the other, this model begins to get it up for our fun. As he tugs, Reese begins to moan, and better yet, spread his legs. He toys with his hole and for a bit, a finger goes in. Damn, once he's all up and close, he starts to jerk feverishly, as his body tightens. With an "I'm gonna cum," Reese blows a nice stream up onto his chest; Eddie and I enjoyed this 22 year old who cums and is still hard. "Up" for more action, he'll be back; I've got some plans for that hairy hole.



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