Aqua Caliente Part Two

Hernan's rocking on Diego's cock as the two pair and share. With these hot Amateur Latino young yen, as long as you're hitting the right "spot," any place will do. Grabbing his own dick while he rides, Hernan then stands and bends over for Diego's “sport” of choice. They're both out in the woods, and Diego brought his own "log" along for fun. From below we enjoy a chose up of the amateur twink's new game, "Entrada y Exito." After a bit, the bottom twink needs a rest and has Diego rim him; nice "water sport." As he jerks, Hernan blows his thick creamy load, quickly licked up by Diego. Snowballing the fun, the two kiss passionately. Now it's time for Diego to yell "timber;" looks like Hernan will take on the task. Blowing into Hernan's mouth, Diego has perfect aim, just like they've practiced before. The two again "pass the cream" back and forth, nice.



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