Manuel Jacques, Ruy de Sousa and Eloi Alves

Latinos Manuel Jacques, Ruy de Sousa, and Eloi Alves hook up on the beach. When they get in the shower there's plenty of sensual kissing and touching before the trio dry off and really get down to it. Manuel hops up on the back of the toilet to watch Ruy suck Eloi's cock. The guys put on a nice show for him, but don't leave him out of the fun for long. Eloi takes his time getting his thick dick up Ruy's hole. After it's in, he picks up the pace and really uses that Latin ass. When Eloi pulls out of Ruy, he backs up to Manuel and shows that he can bottom, as well as top. There's something super sexy in the way Manuel holds onto Eloi's neck, as he stuffs him. The guys get off with big cum loads sprayed all over.



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