Sweat: Scene 1: Hunter Marx & Troy Daniels

At the gym, Troy Daniels gets instruction from trainer Hunter Marx—who steadies his client’s legs during an exercise. As Troy finishes the set, Hunter moves his hands to the Amateur Hunk’s groin and reaches up for a kiss. Hunter works on Troy’s jockstrap bulge before releasing his Amateur Dick and engulfing it. Hunter strokes it as they kiss, licking Troy’s pec before sucking him again—sliding his tongue up the smooth sac and shaft. He spits on it, a big strand of saliva connecting his mouth to Troy’s boner. Hunter nibbles his bud’s foreskin, then straddles Troy’s face to feed him hairy hole. Troy jacks his own Amateur Dick as he rims, then gets fed Hunter’s meaty cock—all being watched by stroking voyeur Dirk Caber. Hunter plows Troy’s face, then bangs him from behind—Troy’s boner bouncing with each thrust. Hunter reaches around to jack the bottom as he hammers him, Troy then sitting down on the top and riding him. Troy gets on his back as Hunter pounds him, the bottom’s massive load soon dripping down the side of his stomach before the top comes on him.



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