Sunny Side Up

Nothing like some sweat and toil to get horny. Max Born, on the right will top, and Jerry Kaytton, left, will bottom, but both will use their tools to get the job done right. Getting out of their clothes, each takes a turn on the "oral express;" swatting and punching one another as they suck. Both these beasts are hung and swallowing may not be possible, but don't tell either one of these guys. Max then turns Jerry around, "sunny side up." Easing his partner in, the bottom grabs Max's thick Amateur Dick and checks another thing off his "bucket list." Max hops up on the scaffolding to grab a seat and slide in his meat; Jerry will be riding atop for a while. As he slams down on Max's groin, the bottom's cock helicopters. The pair then lies on their side, Max taking his partner from behind; both secrete and grunt as they continue to grind. Filling up that sweet hole, Max gets close, but it's Jerry who blasts first, all over his furry belly. The top then jerks until he sprays his bottom's hairy hole; damn, time to clock out.



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