Stefano, Scene #01

Those abs! That Amateur Cock! That ass!

Meet Stefano, and all his many oh-so-enchanting body parts! 🙂

Tonight in the War Chest, we’re introducing you to a new recruit, Stefano. Or, as I like to call him, King Ab-ulon.

Seriously, when people joke about washboard abs, they mean abs like Stefano’s. His torso is just rippling!

Stefano is a 20-year old Italian gent who hails from New York. He’s a compact little fella at 5’4′ (you know how I love my men bite-sized), and he jokes that he’s a ‘little thang?Ǫ but not everything’s little!’ I tell him that I like huge things attached to little things (and he’s got that, trust me).

He enjoys hiking, shooting, camping and working on cars. And he also must enjoy doing ab crunches, because his ab muscles are out of this world.

Once he pulls off his underwear, and I see how tight and gorgeous his ass is, I joke with him that he ain’t nothing but ass. When he turns around, we find out just how much he’s packing. And he’s packing a suitcase between his thighs. Hot damn!

Luckily for us, Stefano says he’s going to keep his mind open to my advances in getting him to cross the line. So, maybe we shall see Stefano put that log — I mean, Amateur Cock — to good use in the future with another guy.

In the meantime, enjoy Stefano’s solo today. He puts on a great show, throwing his big dick around, fingering himself something good, and shooting a load that could drown somebody!



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