Stag: Scene 3: Alessio Romero & Brayden Forrester

Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester sneak into a secluded backyard. The two kiss, taking off their shirts as they grind their growing jean bulges. Tattooed Alessio licks down his bud’s bod, his salt-and-pepper chin soon planted at the base of Brayden’s cock. The two kiss, Alessio gripping Brayden’s boner and releasing his own cock. Brayden sucks his tan and hairy bud back, his Lip getting Amateur Cock whipped. Alessio turns Brayden around on a table and plants his scruffy chin deep into the Amateur Hunk’s hole, jacking Brayden as he eats him. Alessio bangs the bottom hard and fast from behind, Brayden staying stiff as low shots capture it. Brayden’s pecs and Amateur Butt ripple as he gets pokeed, the top’s pubes sticking to the bottom’s Amateur Butt cheeks with each thrust: “Yeah, gimmie that Amateur Cock!” On his back, Brayden stays hard, Alessio grabbing the bottom’s pec as he nails him before they release their loads—a kiss and a cute smile from Brayden closing the action.



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