Punch Raming & A Horse Ride

Grunting, the piggie says, "rape my hole, sir." This Amateur Daddy Raunch behind the scenes is "packed full" of "yee-haw." Between the double duck billing and punch pluging, this Amateur Daddy means business. "To the shoulder," grins the daddy as he pushes in and doesn't stop; the greedy pig swallows and "doubles-down" with both fists, in at once. "Yeah, suck that in," commands the daddy, as he controls the twink's "flower power." Another daddy “cums” in to add his fist; looks like the lucky piggie is in for a "three-fer." Rattling his chains, the piggie is more than happy to share with the "real hottie." Splitting is caring as these Amateur Daddies then rotate punch Amateur Fucking and owning the hole. Encouraging them to "go deeper," the piggie is used to "having a horse in him."



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