Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez (Extended Preview)

Cruising in the filthy public toilets of an art gallery its not long before Andreas find s a handsome, hung, tattooed Amateur Hunk to sate his needs. Mickey's a push over for a pretty face, a huge dick and a sleazy anonymous encounter. Andreas is gagging for a ram and when he sees whats on offer – Mickey's big, juicy, bang, uncut Amateur Dick – he can't wait to get into any position possible to get as much of that meat inside him as possible. Bent over the sink, hanging from the stalls, and crouched on the porcelain, pushing back, harder, harder, deeper, begging for more Amateur Cock in his hot hole before sinking to his knees and talking spurt after spurt of cum into his beautiful slut face. And having admired Mickey's lengthy Amateur Dick so much Andreas christens it with a gooey topping of his own spunk!



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