Getting Into the Groove Part 1

Javier gets into some music; Javier also enjoys "getting into" cute guys, like Franko. Offering himself up, Franko knows just how big and thick Javier is. Better than music, the pair "groove" together. As the amateur twinks pet and play, Javier slides his hands down onto Franko's nice ass; guess who the bottom in this scene is. As Franko's pants just keep sliding down, the top shows us a little taste of what he'll be screwing. Working up Javier's thick Amateur Dick, Franko uses his tongue well; even the foreskin gets special attention. Ready for more action, Franko turns and presents his ass to the top. Grinding, Javier dry-humps his partner and slaps his "monster," marking his territory. With this two-part video, we give you a peak at the next scene, but I'm sure you know where this mammoth is "headed"; let's just say that not only does Franko's hole gets a sample, but also his taste buds.



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