Tristan Tran & Chris Venice

Tristan Tran returns to AsianBoyNation. Tristan now 21yo, first appeared when he was 18yo and originally from Orange County and now lives in San Francisco. He's been working out and receives personal training. (I'd love to be his personal trainer) He was weighed about 110lbs when he first appeared on ABN and now weighs in at 150lbs and it's ALL Amateur Muscle. WOW! Today, he is performing with Chris Venice a hot little Caucasian bottom with some new tattoo work not yet finished on his back and nipple piercings. Chris brought his "A Game" today as witnessed by Tristan's facial expressions as Chris works on his cock. While Chris sucks his cock, Tristan works Chris other hole with a finger or two letting Chris know his ultimate intentions. While Tristan might be of Asian descent, he still has a formidable cock as Chris soon finds out when Tristan starts working his Amateur Butt with it. Now that the cameraman has backed off to give us a full wide angle shot of Tristan working Chris ass, we can see just how much that "personal" training is paying off. Again, WOW! After Amateur Fucking doggy style, Tristan sits back on the couch and lets Chris ride. This boy has some nice balls and not shabby at all in the cock department. Then Tristan switches up again going back at it doggy style with Chris bent over the end of the couch. Tristan pulls out to deliver a nice thick creamy load all over Chris back before laying back on the couch letting Chris jerkoff and cum all over his stomach. Download the full video here!



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