Shisone Nagasaki & Simon Mendez

Shisone Nagasaki is back for well, more white meat; this time he'll be served up to Simon Mendez. Both boys are ready for a enormous meal from As they lip lock, Shisone undresses the top and reveals part stud, part horse. I just hope Shisone's "other hole" can take it like his Lip did. Simon then springs forth Shisone's dick and orally lavishes it. Simon bends the bottom over to have a taste; Shisone also has his way with Simon's hole as he fingers the top before they plug. Entering Shisone's "pink treasure," Simon moans, "ah screw yeah, that's just nice." Kudos to the cameraman; I would have dropped the camera long ago to be more "interactive" with the models. After a bit more anal heaven, Simon pulls out to tug his beast until it spews its cream all over the bottom's face. Shisone then sits astride the top and strokes himself until he reciprocates all over Simon's torso. They bang like I take my coffee, with lots of cream. Download the full video here!


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