Biggest Catch Part 1 – TRAILER – Jackson Fillmore | JD Phoenix – DMH – Hammer My Hole

After making a bet to see who can find the richest Amateur Daddy in San Francisco the boys split up and JD Phoenix heads to

“church,” aka Steamworks in Berkeley. There he finds sexy hung stud Jackson Fillmore who tells him he’s got a rich daddy

(Max Cameron) who wants to see a show. The hot amateur sex-pigs find a room with a plexiglass wall and start sucking Amateur Cock. When JD

turns around and gives Jackson a taste of his world-class Amateur Butt Jackson shoves his rock hard dick deep in his hole. Jackson

pounds the hell out of him until JD decides it’s his turn; he lubes up his meaty Amateur Dick and hammers Jackson’s Amateur Butt. JD greedily

sucks a load out of Jackson’s cock then jerks his stream of jizz all over Jackson’s hot hole then eats it out. Amateur Daddy is

happy and JD gets a condo. It’s a win/win.



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