Justin Matthews Pokes Dillon Rossi! | Trailer

Dillon Rossi really is the perfect match for newest CockyBoy Justin Matthews. They almost seem like they could be brothers — they're both extremely laid back, always smiling, but humble in appearance. They're the kind of guys you could see hanging out together at the beach or the gym, just shooting the breeze.

So sex came very natural to them. Justin likes to top more while Dillon's a little more versatile, but they both really enjoyed sucking each other off in the beginning. Justin then full-on ramed Dillon on all fours before switching it up and letting Dillon ride him. But they both seemed to enjoy Amateur Fucking face to face the best, especially when Dillon tightened up for Justin just before they both shot their loads!

The guys were so into each other that they didn't really talk until they were finished. Justin's consensus? "It was awesome, Amateur Dude."



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