Cade 2

The scene opens with 19-year old Cade already furiously jerking his Amateur Cock, with Mike asking Cade how he thought his first scene went. (This is Cade’s second solo for us — he shot an earlier one that we have posted inside the site.)

Cade says ‘It was pretty fun. Something new. Never done that before.’ Mike says he’s glad that Cade is back, and that he’s ‘looking good.’ Mike lets Cade be, and tells him to holler if he needs anything. Cade says that he thinks he’s gonna be good, and Mike steps away.

Cade moans and groans in a sexy deep voice, saying how good it feels to jerk his Amateur Cock. Cade’s a hot little number in his green wife beater and olive skin.

In a funny exchange at the end, Mike jokes that he’s amazed that Cade was able to shoot a load, considering he had already blown three loads earlier that day (thanks to his eager girlfriend).



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