Gabriel Clark Nails Ricky Roman | Tube Clip

Ricky Roman has worked with a lot of different CockyBoys since he first started, but he still had never been plowed by the ever-popular Gabriel Clark. It was like this big elephant was always in the room. Everyone knows that nobody stuffs like Gabriel, so we had to get Ricky acquainted with him right away and show him the light. Not even Ricky's sly charm and cute smile could get past Gabriel's aggressive attitude — it sort of caught him off guard. Especially from the way Gabriel licked Ricky's nipples and grabbed his crotch, Ricky was tenting his shorts in no time. But then Ricky brought out his secret weapon — his large, soft lips, and his ability to deep-throat. We can guarantee you've never heard Gabriel moan like this before! Then it was time for penetration. At this point, both Gabriel and Ricky were sweating bullets, but that didn't stop Gabriel from really taking charge and power-stuffing Ricky's beautiful Amateur Butt. In no time at all, Ricky's Amateur Dick erupted all over Gabriel's chest — and we all know Gabriel loves to eat sperm. In exchange, Gabriel rewarded Ricky with a facial.



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