A Nike 3 Way Cockfest at V-Bar

Starting with the "who's who?" in the video, we have Adrien ADLX on the far left, in the middle is Niko Rekins and on the far right is Dylan Fallen (he can fall on my face anyday!) The three boys are admiring each others Nike's and Niko thinks Adrien's need a cleaning and gives them a tongue bath. This certainly gets the "juices" flowing with some mutual Amateur Dick rubbing. Dylan moves to the couch for easier access and already supporting an erection in his pants; one that Niko gladly shows some attention. Things start heating up and Adrien is the first to drop his pants. I really like the V-Bar; okay, okay, I like the action going on. Niko goes back and forth orally pleasuring both twinks. Cocks hard, balls out, pants coming off, oops, I mean their pants coming off, the action is certainly getting interesting to say the least. Adrien and Dylan start working Niko's pants down and we all get a look at that nice Amateur Butt. Adrien gives it a couple swats with a Nike and I love how it jiggles. I think "rump roast" is on the menu tonight. Adrien moves in closer to Dylan serving up both of their Amateur Dicks to Niko. Before long, we have a "3 way Amateur Dick fest" going on and all 3 young yen are naked. This is going to get good!



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