Sam Young Gets Man Handled

We've got a hot 3way for you with Kamzouze, Jonathan Darko and Sam Young. Kamzouze has one of those big fat banana Amateur Cocks and a beautiful set of balls. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a "ball fanatic" but what better to bury your face in if it isn't a nice sweet ass? The scene opens with Sam blindfolded and sucking Kamzouze who gets off on choking and gagging young Sam (pun intended)… Sam Young, young Sam, get it? After a lot of slurping and slobbering Kamzouze is ready for some of Sam's cute Amateur Twink Amateur Butt. Sam stands up, braces himself against the wall while Kamzouze slips on a condom and starts fingering and playing with Sam's ass. Unfortunate for Kamzouze, he wastes a bit too much time playing because Jonathan Darko shows up and takes over at the "helm." Darko as we call him, wastes no time at all taking charge being the aggressive dominating top that he is. And when it comes to being filmed while Amateur Fucking, Darko is one big ham and loves to demonstrate his dominance and looks directly into the camera while slapping his submissive bottom on the ass and in the face. Something Sam seems to enjoy just as much as he pumps his ass and begs for more while having his face shoved into the wall.



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