Khan's Tight Amateur Butt

Every once in a while when we get two guys together, the chemistry works and works very good. That's exactly what happened when we paired up Khan and Shosei. These two boys love their work and really had fun doing this shoot together. It was cute and lots of fun for them and our camera crew. Khan and Shosei are both tops to be honest. However, another model didn't make it and he was going to bottom. Like a pro, they "hunkered down" flipped a coin to see who would bottom. You can guess by the title who won… err… lost the coin toss. I actually felt a little sorry for Khan considering how fat Shosei's Amateur Dick is, NOT! 🙂 It takes several attempts on Shosei's part to get his "logger" in, but practice makes perfect and in the end, it was "cock-a-hoy." Watch Khan's face, it tells the "hole" story!



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