Shower & Tug With Khan

My day got a whole lot better the minute Khan walked in the door. Handsome, good looking, amateur sex appeal (to me, wink), nice Amateur Dick, nice Amateur Butt, great personality and not afraid to enjoy himself in front of the camera. Khan first hit the shower and as he wet himself down, he wasn't the only getting wet. The more I watched, the more obvious the wet spot in my pants from my precum. After the shower, he sat down for a chat before stripping down to the bare necessities. Having played with himself prior to peeling off his pants and briefs, Khan was rock hard and his cock was ready for action. Watch Khan as he takes "matters in hand" and tugs one out just the way he likes it. Body squirming as he strokes and plays with his nipples, the little grunts and moans, thrusting his hips and spreading his legs… damn! Khan has me rock hard and ready to blow and I have both hands on the camcorder. I think you'll become a fan of Khan's real fast after watching his first video with us here on Japanboyz.



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