The Love Sectional

We finally decided to "up"grade from the small love seat and buy a "love sectional" with plenty of room to "romp." To celebrate their new purchase and break it in, Jakub is our bleach blond bottom and Ludek our dark haired thin "big cock" stud. They're going to take it for a Amateur Bareback test spin leaving no section untouched. They start out with some passionate kisses before the clothes come off and we get to see that big Amateur Dick of Ludek's. By the way, Jakub is no slouch either. Once the clothes come off, it's time to test out the "coil spring" action as Jakub bobs up and down on Ludek's hard Amateur Dick. Then it's Ludek's turn to test out the action on Jakub's cock but that doesn't last very long as Ludek wants to bury his monster in Jakub's ass… raw! Ludek turns Jakub every which way but loose on the sectional. In the end, we didn't care if the boys got a "little messy" and splattered on the couch. The action was hot and made the plunge well worth the investment.



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