Candy's Sweet Hole

My, "Candy Land" takes on a "hole" new meaning with these two Amateur Twinks. has Felipe kicking around a soccer ball, but his "game" is to get closer to Dylan's balls. The two stop to enjoy a lollipop, but soon realize there are sweeter treats in life to share. As the pair undress one another and kiss; sugar turns into a "spicy pleasure" for both. Dylan goes down on Felipe's "Blow Pop" and sucks hard, trying to get to the center. Felipe returns the flavor with some swallowing of his own, and a massage of his partner's "Amateur Ass-a-Honey" that soon turns into Dylan swallowing both suckers anally; now that is definitely a great way to "get your sugar." Candy aside, Dylan goes atop to ride Felipe's "Mounds." First in a reverse then in the true "wowboy" fashion, both boys are having a great time getting their daily intake of one another. The camera zooms in for a hot shot of "screw me right there" as the top thrusts from below. Switching to missionary then up against a tree and spread 'em, Dylan tugs for a bit then decides he'd rather devour his partner's "creamy center" orally. Bending down, Dylan tastes all the "sugar" Felipe is jerking. Felipe also decides to have a lap of Dylan's "candy" and enjoys all there is. Together they kiss and share the sticky sweet treats of today's adventure. Visit Now!


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