Never Know Until You Try

Kevin Sportswear is out for a stroll in a popular park where guys are known to hook up when he spots a guy (Kamzouze) sitting on a bench. Kevin isn't sure at first whether Kamzouze is straight or amateur gay or would even be interested in hooking up. So Kevin sticks close watching Kamzouze and gives him the old "wanna hook up" shake of the head and off they go. They start out with the usual locking lips and then Kevin hits the ground on his knees sucking Kamzouze while stroking himself. This is a great scene for me personally as I love looking and watching Kamzouze low hangers. Afterwards, they head back to Kevin's place where they can let it all hang out.

Kevin starts out sucking Kamzouze again and we get a nice shot of that smooth ass on Kamzouze. Then Kevin indulges himself with some sneaker worship while Kamzouze sits back on the couch and strokes his Amateur Dick. The two go back and forth sucking each other along with some sneaker worshiping. If you've followed our videos, we already know who's going to top and it isn't long before the condom comes out and Kamzouze is ready to explore Kevin's man hole. They start out doggy style before switching up to missionary. The cameraman moves in only inches from where the action is and gives us those "in your face" shots of Kamzouze Amateur Dick going in and out of Kevin's Amateur Butt. The cameraman changes angles and shoots from above the just over Kamzouze head. Nice shot there Mister Cameraman!

At one point Kevin looks right into the camera and looks like he's ready to blow any second as Kamzouze continues to fuck. Then it's Kamzouze doing some moaning of his own pounding faster and faster as he gets close to unloading. So we don't get to miss any of it, the boys break it up and Kamzouze kneels on the couch over Kevin and jerks off while Kevin eagerly looks on. Kevin even leans up, Lip wide open, tongue out awaiting Kamzouze creamy load. Kamzouze shoots a thick creamy load all over Kevin and his chest and rubs his Amateur Dick all through it smearing it in while Kevin finishes himself off cumming all over his sneaker.



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