Jay & Ryan Barebackin'

Ryan wants a guy, "a hot guy," and is here to get nailed. This amateur gay, 18 year old craves an "older guy;" yes, it is all in the perspective, and "no Eddie, I'm not a screwing fossil." We also have Jay here today. This straight boy was going to just do a solo but let's see if I can talk him into pounding bareback. Once the introductions are made, I give Jay the chance, "to make more money." With a bit of awkward silence, as the heterosexual guy figures out his comfort level, he agrees to suck and be sucked by Ryan. With this "new experience," underway, Ryan checks out Jay's tattoos and is "feeling it." They start off with a bit of rough kissing, but by the time Ryan works his tongue into Jay's mouth, both are going full force. Jay is getting hard and Ryan can feel it, taking down his partner's pants and underwear, Ryan locks lips onto Jay's cock; "guys do do it better" agrees Jay as he is feeling the "hoovering." Within seconds, he adds, "I've never done this before but I'm kinda enjoying it." Up on all fours, Ryan swallows while also “paying homage” to the tattooed body of this hottie. Seeing how much Ryan can take, Jay thrusts up and chokes the boy; "you like aggressive?" Jay asks. "Yeah, I like it," admits Ryan. Before long, the "gayster" has the "straightster" moaning and rethinking stuffing; "for a couple of hundred more, I am awful horny." "Hell yeah, I'd let him plug me," says Ryan as he continues to bob up and down, while his own dick "tents." Convinced of the pleasure and money, we soon hear the familiar sounds of the futon opening. Looks like Jay's going to lie there and have Ryan work more of his "skills;" "damn" moans Jay as the bottom again swallows, but this time with his other hole; no condoms wanted, these two are barebacking it. From the start, Jay grabs Ryan's hips and thrusts up; these two are off to a good start. Jay then takes control and pushes up from below; Ryan holds his Amateur Cock and moans, happily. Turning his partner onto his back, Jay reenters and asks, "you like that?" Ryan says, "yeah;" suggesting a little harder, Ryan again agrees. Going balls deep, both of these guys are enjoying this "rental." Settling into a nice rhythm, their bodies start to glisten and Ryan says he's "gonna cum." The bottom's tight body twitches and he shoots out a creamy thick load. Chatting after, both agree that the raming "was fun." Now, Jay needs to bust a nut; hmmm, all we need now is a gay boy, with perfect oral skills, to service a straight guy. Get Your Membership & Instant Access Here!


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