Fuck Me In The Toilets

Killian Dhais is our "bathroom attendant" (also known as the "bathroom queen") this evening when along comes Enzo Di Karina needing to relieve himself. Enzo pauses to give his approval of tonights bathroom attendant (Killian) before entering the restroom. Like any good attendant, Killian follows Enzo in to make sure he doesn't get his hands dirty (wink). Killian watches while Enzo takes a piss and then makes sure all of the equipment is clean and dry. Well, not dry for long as he does a "power wash" on Enzo's beautiful cock. You might have watched the previous video with Enzo where he wore a ball stretcher ring. This time we get to see just how big those balls are as Killian tries to cup them in his hand… "the cup runneth over" is all I can say. From down on his knees to Enzo sitting on the toilet, Killian does a great job "washing up." Enzo pulls out a condom, bends Killian over bracing himself against the wall and Enzo does a little "roto rooter" work on Killian's ass. Our cameraman gets right in there up close and we get some great shots of the action. I love watching Killian's Amateur Dick and balls hanging there with Enzo's Amateur Dick sliding in and out of his Amateur Butt… very hot! We hear the dance music in the background from the club and looks like Enzo has some good rhythm on his feet. Not wanting to steal the show, Enzo sits back down on the toilet to suck Killian's cock while her strokes his own. It seems that our cameraman likes Enzo's eyes as he gives us a couple of close ups of Enzo's face while he sucks away. The two men get close and we get ready for the grand finale. Standing up facing each other they both jerk and when Enzo blows, there's no wall or part of the floor spared including Killian.



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