Wide Awake: Scene 3: George Ce & Adam Champ

As he opens the final door, George Ce finds sharp-dressed Adam Champ. He moves in for a kiss, their scruffy chins rubbing. George drops down and takes out Adam’s uncut Amateur Dick, working the thick rod up like a pro—Adam’s clothes slowly coming off to reveal his massive hairy Amateur Muscles. George then sits back as Adam slurps on his monster, opening wide and getting close to the base—drawing an exclamation from George, whose abs and balls are both super-tight. Adam turns George around and munches on his smooth hole before hammering him, George jacking as he’s rammed. George sits down on Adam, the bottom’s beast of a boner bobbing up and down as he rides in an unforgettable sequence. Adam reaches around to rub George’s body and stroke his Amateur Dick, then gets him on his back. George strokes his boner as he gets boneed, soon squirting before Adam dumps his load on the bottom’s smooth sac—jacking their Amateur Dicks together before kissing.



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