Mojo Star & Joey Rico

These two returning models are very impressive on their own, so I thought it would be great to get them together. From the start, each is aroused by the other; I try to have them follow the storyline of two students who "need a break," but as you will see, I think they actually end up needing a nap after this adventure. Mojo Star and Joey Rico have come together, to "cum" together. The two start with some nice deep kissing and soon the clothes fly. Sucking on Joey's neck, Mojo says, "you taste so good." Quickly, they are both naked and jerking one another while they continue to lock lips. Joey then bends over to give Mojo a Lip and help him stiffen. As soon as Mojo is hard, he asks Joey, "you ready to stuff?" Joey quickly responds, "yeah" and is bent over a chair even before Mojo can lube up. While sliding in, Mojo comments, "it's tight." But it's not long before he has a nice rhythm going, inside Joey. From below, watch as Mojo's balls slap Joey's taint with each thrust. Joey is already tugging at himself, his body rocking with each ebb and flow. From the back of both, I'd say each has a sweet "fuckable" Amateur Butt, but today it is all about the two of them; no "extra work" today for the cameraman. Mojo moves Joey to a desk to poke missionary style; lest Mojo "forget" what he is doing, Joey just keeps panting, "fuck." "Oh shit," responds Mojo to Joey's tight hole. "Oh bang yeah," answers Joey as Mojo asks, rhetorically, "you like that?" Hitting the spot, and wagging his balls, he has Joey close, but wants to drill more before they both cum. Mojo moves them to the bed and has Joey climb his "mojo mountain." As Joey bounces, his partner strokes his Amateur Cock. "That feels good," whimpers Joey as he goes up and down. Mojo then thrusts up to meet his partner, from below. The camera catches a great close-up of Mojo's plunging inside Joey, who loves the ride. Turning both on their sides, Mojo bangs from behind as Joey trues to masturbate, and breathe. Holding up Joey's leg, Mojo is working his way in even deeper, much to the delight of Joey. Feeling all of Mojo, Joey comments, "that's a big Amateur Cock;" I think he has had enough and wants to jizz before he explodes. Pulling out, both masturbate until both lie, exhausted on the bed, white globs spot each of their stomachs. Download this video and more here!


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